Are your products natural and organic?

Let’s clarify what “organic” and “natural” really mean.

“Natural” is a marketing term doesn’t really mean anything. We’re guilty of using it too because it’s a convenient shorthand. What we really mean is, we use whole plants and plant-based oils, butters, clays, hydrosols, and essential oils. We do not use any synthetic ingredients, and nothing in derived from petrochemicals. Our products are minimally processed, meaning fewer steps from plant to face.

“Organic” is a certification for farming and manufacturing practices, and there are several different bodies who do this on the state, federal, and international level. This certification comes with a cost, which means only larger scale farms are able to obtain it. We try to use USDA, California, and Oregon-certified organic ingredients whenever possible, as we find that international certification (like ECOCERT) isn’t strict enough for our standards. Some local farms that provide us with plants are too small for certification, but adhere to strict organic and/or biodynamic practices (we fit into this category, too).

Are your products vegan?

Yes, except for Just Like Honey (which contains honey, duh). We never test on animals (seriously, who does that?)

What’s the shelf life of your products?

Our products use all natural ingredients and minimal preservatives, which is great for your skin, but not great for shelf life. We recommend using products within 6 months of purchasing. That said, shelf life varies: dry products like the Green Monstah will last quite a bit longer, whereas emulsions like the Chamomile Cleanser will break down faster. Keep products out of direct sunlight and at low temperatures for longer life.

Are your products safe to use while pregnant/nursing?

We are not doctors and won't pretend to be: if you are pregnant or nursing, you should not use anything you or your healthcare providers aren't comfortable with.

That said, everything is formulated to be safe for mamas to use. Sam made and tested many of the products while pregnant herself, and continues to use them while nursing. Again, that's not meant to be a substitute for your doctor's advice, but we try to practice what we preach. 

Are your products good for acne?

Yes! Both Sam and Chuck struggled with acne, and so it’s something very close to our hearts. We also know that not every acne-prone face is also oily (Sam has very dry, acne-prone skin), so our products are especially great for combination skin. Check out our acne kit for some of the heavy hitters. (Yes, Mellow Gold is great for acne-prone skin, too!)

Products to avoid: we have found that coconut oil can aggravate acne, so skip the Skin Milk lotion and the Pacific scrub (or avoid using them on your face). This isn’t true for everyone, however, so use what works best for you.

My toner looks cloudy/has gunk at the bottom. Is it still ok?

It’s ok! Sometimes tannins can precipitate out over time (like with good wine), but it’ll still work great on your skin! And yes, it’s ok if you get some flowers on your face.

The honey is stuck!

Not a question, but, ugh, we feel you. The pump is the best solution we’ve found so far to keep your bathroom from turning into a sticky mess, but it does get stuck sometimes. Running the bottle under hot water helps. Sometimes we just unscrew the top and pour it out, if we’re being honest. We like being honest.

How often do I use the oil? Can I use it with makeup?

How often and how much oil you use depends on your skin type. If you have very oily skin, just use a few drops at a time, and use once a day until you know how your skin responds. Use more/more frequently for dry skin.

Think of it this way: how often do you find yourself reaching for moisturizer? We use the oil in place of a regular moisturizer for the face, but it can be added in addition as well. Sam has dry skin and uses the oil morning and night, and as a primer under makeup. Chuck has oily skin and only uses the oil at night, and uses much less (it’s great for beards, too).

Why is the Mellow Gold oil so orange?

Because we use real, fresh, high quality plants! The orange color is part and parcel of any fruit with a super high vitamin C concentration, and vitamin C is a powerhouse skin brightener. In this formulation, the rosehip and seabuckthorn oils are delivering the color. Just use a little; it won’t stain your face.

A previous version of your products had a different texture/color/smell. What gives?

Did we mention we use real plants? Sometimes, there are variations from batch to batch because plants change. Most companies use chemicals to ensure totally consistent batches. We don’t do that. We are also constantly searching for the best suppliers out there, so if we find a better farm or oil distillery, the resulting products might change (we hope for the better!)