Gemstone Hydrosols

Gemstone Hydrosols



(We’ll be re-stocking Lavender + Amethyst soon-ish; Quince will be back in the Fall)

Hydrosols are water-based plant distillates. They contain antioxidant-rich polyphenols, plant acids, and minerals to help, hydrate skin, balance pH, and fight inflammation.

Lavender is anti-microbial, herbaceous, and grounding. Amethyst brings tranquility and calm. 

Quince is a tannin-rich fruit related to apples, and smells quite a bit like them! Great for toning and inflammation. Citrine is an uplifting crystal for dispelling negative vibes.

Spray on your face before using Mellow Gold Facial Oil. Can be used throughout the day whenever you need some instant calm. Also works great on pillows before you sleep (and is safe for kids and pets!)

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