Skincare for Lazy People

I had a rather, um, rebellious adolescence. This involved sneaking back into the house past curfew on more than a few occasions. The bathroom was right next to my parents' room, so washing my face was SERIOUS RISK TERRITORY. One of my friends told me about Cetaphil, which bills itself as a cream cleanser you don't have to wash off your face. 

I still love he concept, but I thought the ingredients could use a serious upgrade. Our Chamomile Cream Cleanser is basically a light lotion, but with medicinal herbs added to boost cleansing power. There's a water-based infusion of chamomile and yarrow, which help calm stressed out skin and move the blood. There's an oil infusion of calendula, a resinous flower with major inflammation and rash-fighting abilities. The oil we use is organic olive oil, whose high squalene content is heaven for skin moisture. We also add clary sage, which helps balance hormonal acne (hello 🙋🏻). As a preservative, we use a probiotic that comes from fermented radish root, which not only prevents bacteria growth in the bottle, but helps the microbiome on your face (yayy good bacteria). 

How I use it

Since I no longer live with my parents (#adultish), I'm not afraid of using the sink. I generally rub a few squirts on my face to remove makeup and dirt. Then I rinse with water (warm is better) and rub everything off with a washcloth. Organic washcloths are obviously better, but a 24 pack from Amazon isn't going to kill you. Live the dream. 

Most days, I use the other side of the wash cloth to swipe on some toner (balance that skin ph, people!) and the follow with a few drops of Mellow Gold. Hello dewy face. 

No sink? No problem. Just use the washcloth to remove that face gunk and you're good to go. You can still follow w/ the toner and oil, too. You do you. 

And since the cleanser is basically a lotion, you can...wait for it...USE IT LIKE A LOTION. I know. Revolutionary shit right there. 

Why a cream and not an oil or balm?

I formulated the chamomile cream cleanser after A LOT of misfires. It was originally going to be an oil cleanser, but I just never loved the end result. For an oil cleanser to be really effective, you need to steam your face several times with a hot wash cloth. Girl. I do not even have the patience to wait for the water to get hot, let enough to semi-waterboard myself multiple times in order to clean my face. Does oil cleansing work? Absolutely. Its marvelous. But It's not for me. I am far too lazy for it to be my daily routine. 

That doesn't mean we won't rule out making one in the future. If ya'll want one, we'll deliver. Because that's what friends do, right? 

What are your time-saving hacks? Send us a note! We love hearing from ya.