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We make plant-based, organic skincare products in small batches in Oakland, California. We source medicinal herbs directly from farms (some we even grow ourselves). We are minimalists who avoid clutter on our shelves and in our ingredients. We’re also anti-hype: we take a scientific, evidence-based approach to formulation, using minimally processed natural ingredients that deliver maximum results.

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Ingredient Spotlight: Honey

If you have acne-prone and dry skin, honey is what you need. It’s is one of nature’s perfect foods, and has been used for medicinally for centuries.

Most conventional acne medications are great at killing bacteria, but they kill everything else in the process, leaving your skin parched, flaky, and irritated. This means your skin starts overproducing oil to compensate, which means, you guessed it, more bacteria can grow. Honey will help halt this vicious cycle by keeping your skin moisturized while balancing its acid mantle. That means you have skin that looks great and stays that way. Read more...



Formulated without

Parabens  ·  Phthalates  ·  Propylene Glycol  ·  Synthetic Colors or Fragrances  ·  SLS/SLES  ·   Synthetic Preservatives  ·  Triclosan   ·   EDTA  ·  PEG   ·  Weird Chemical BS